The Durutti Column- "Circuses And Bread" (1985)


  1. Pauline.
  2. Tomorrow.
  3. Dance II.
  4. Hilary.
  5. Street Fight.
  6. Royal Infirmary.
  7. Black Horses.
  8. Dance I.
  9. Blind Elevator Girl (Osaka).

And tomorrow never comes, tomorrow never comes...

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

been looking for this album for a spell, gave up when I couldn't find it in captain crawl, and now I get right throught it using fucking google!! Thanks a lot, man, this album a long time favourite of mine, back in vinyl-cassette days!!

vlad88 dijo...

Me dejó con la boca abierta al escucharlo, pues creí que iba a ser algo movido y para mi sorpresa resulto ser otra maravilla muy buena.